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Heinrich Strathmann
Heinrich Strathmann
Professor, Institute of Chemical Process Engineering
University of Stuttgart

Curriculum Vitae 1991-1999: University of Twente, Ordinarius Institute of Membrane Technology 1988: Professorship at the University of Stuttgart 1982-1992: Fraunhofer Institute IGB, Stuttgart 1982: Habilitation, at the University of Tübingen 1971 – 1982: Forschungsinstitut Berghof GmbH, Tübingen 1965 – 1971: Amicon Corp., Lexington, Mass., USA 1961 – 1965: Doctorate at RWTH Aachen University 1956-61: Chemistry studies at the University of Darmstadt Awards and memberships: 2008: Richard Maling Barrer Prize of the European Membrane Society 2005: Honorary Professor South China Central University 1998: Willy Hager Price and Medial in Gold 1976: DECHEMA, Frankfurt, 1984 European Membrane Society Scientific Advisory Board: 2003: Middle East Desalination Research Center, Oman 2003: UN University of Environmental Science, Gwangju, Korea 1993 – 1998: UNESCO Center for Membrane Technology, Sidney, Australia

Research Interest

Synthetic membranes, their manufacture and technical use

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