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Nidal Hilal
Nidal Hilal
Chair , Centre for Water Advanced Technologies and Environmental
Swansea University
United Kingdom

Nidal Hilal Professor at the Swansea University of UK. He is the Chair in water process Engineering. His Research interests lie broadly in the identification of innovative and cost-effective solutions to real world process engineering problems within the fields of water treatment, membrane technology and the engineering applications of atomic force microscopy. He is internationally recognised as a world-leader in developing and applying the force measurement capability of AFM to the study of membrane surfaces. His Research has produced several breakthrough innovations, including: Development of novel membranes, Smallest AFM colloid probe reported in the literature, First AFM coated colloid probe technique, First AFM cell probe technique etc. He is the recipient of various Awards and Honours, ex. “Doctor of Science Degree (DSc), Swansea University, Elected Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (FIChemE), Prestigious Kuwait Prize of Applied Science for Water Resources Development, etc. He is author of more than 5 books on Membrane Science and Technology.

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